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luminous buddhas

Buddhas in the Grass


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Good Night Church

Good Night Church, Good Night City
One last look
A heavy sigh


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No Bricks

No. I will not go to work today.
Yes, I will be kind today!
No, I will not let you into my lane today.
Yes, I will be loving and compassionate today!
Silly mind, talking to itself all day: WAKE UP
Everything is perfect just the way it is.
Look carefully, see things how they are… Silly mind.

– Moe219

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radiant buddha sitting buddha

Radiant Buddha, Sitting Buddha
730 days in his hands
Sublime serenity in his heart
Joyful Buddha, Trudging Buddha
Day and night –┬ávigilant
Always seeking good

One, one, one, one, one… one… one… one…


On the occasion of two years

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send HELP

now does our world descend…

now does our world descend
the path to nothingness
(cruel now cancels kind;
friends turn to enemies)
therefore lament,my dream
and don a doer’s doom

create is now contrive;
imagined,merely know
(freedom:what makes a slave)
therefore,my life,lie down
and more by most endure
all that you never were

hide,poor dishonoured mind
who thought yourself so wise;
and much could understand
concerning no and yes:
if they’ve become the same
it’s time you unbecame

where climbing was and bright
is darkness and to fall
(now wrong’s the only right
since brave are cowards all)
therefore despair,my heart
and die into the dirt

but from this endless end
of briefer each our bliss–
where seeing eyes go blind
(where lips forget to kiss)
where everything’s nothing
–arise,my soul;and sing

by E. E. Cummings

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not HOT peppers

Who is hearing?
Your physical being doesn’t hear,
Nor does the void.
Then what does?
Strive to find out.
Put aside your rational Intellect,
Give up all techniques.
Just get rid of the notion of self.


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