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radiant buddha sitting buddha

Radiant Buddha, Sitting Buddha
730 days in his hands
Sublime serenity in his heart
Joyful Buddha, Trudging Buddha
Day and night – vigilant
Always seeking good

One, one, one, one, one… one… one… one…


On the occasion of two years


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pink sunset This is an excerpt from the classic “What the Buddha Taught” by Walpola Rahula.

However you put it, faith or belief as understood by most religions has little to do with Buddhism.

The question of belief arises when there is no seeing – seeing in every sense of the word. The moment you see, the question of belief disappears. If I tell you that I have a gem hidden in the folded palm of my hand, the qustion of belief rises because you do not see it yourself. But if I unclench my fist and show you the gem, then you see it for yourself, and the question of belief does not arise. So the phrase in ancient Buddhist texts reads: “Realizing, as one sees a gem in the palm.”

A disciple of the Buddha named Musila tells another monk: “Friend Savittha, without devotion, faith or belief, without liking of inclination, without hearsay or tradition, without consideration apparent reasons, without delight in the speculations of opinions, I know and see that the cessation of becoming is Nirvana.

And the Buddha says: “O Bhikkus, I say that the destruction of defilement and impurities is meant for a person who knows and who sees, and not for a person who does not know and does not see.”

It is always a question of knowing and seeing, and not that of believing. The teaching of the Buddha is qualified as ehi-passika, inviting you to ‘come and see’, but not to come and believe.

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wisdomThe one whose mind knows the clarity of perfect wisdom is never afraid or anxious. Why? Because when being at one with the living power of wisdom, the mother of all the buddhas, that person has the strength to remain in a state of undivided contemplation even while ceaselessly and skillfully engaging in compassionate action. The wise one is enabled to act because of concentration on a single prayer: “May all being never leave the path of enlightenment, which is their own true nature and is empty of separate self-existence.”

Prajnaparamita Sutras

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Up in heaven you wont remember all these tricks of yours. You wont even sigh “Why?” Whether as atomic dust or as great cities, what’s the difference in all this stuff. A tree is still only a rootdrinker. The puma’s twisted face continues to look at the blue sky with sightless eyes, Ah sweet divine and indescribable verdurous paradise planted in mid-air! Caitanya, it’s only consciousness. Not with thoughts of your mind, but in the believing sweetness of your heart, you snap the link and open the golden door and disappear into the bright room, the everlasting ecstasy, eternal Now. Soldier, follow me! – there never was a war. Arjuna, dont fight! – why fight over nothing? Bless and sit down.

The Scripture of the Golden Eternity
by Jack Kerouac

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I visited my mother in Chicago this past week and we spent sometime at the Art Institute of Chicago. The whole place was awesome, but I particularly loved all the buddhas and bodhisattvas. Please find a few below, courtesy of my iphone.


All from http://www.artic.edu/aic/

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My friend Richard Kearney died last week. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I was walking in the grocery store last night and I saw some canned vegetables. Richard told me proudly that he gave away almost everything that he grew.

Nothing made him beam as brightly as when he talked about his son and daughter. “They never miss a day.” Richard wasn’t happy about being in a nursing facility and desperately wanted to leave. We played cards, a version of rummy that he liked to call 7 card poker. He licked the tip of his finger to pick up a card on his turn in just the same way that my grandpa Occie used to.

I liked sitting next to Richard and looking out his window with him. In his last few days he didn’t have much energy to talk. He would always smile when I held his hand. He had beautiful blue eyes that sparkled when he grinned.

Richard gave me some cookies that I threw away. I wish I kept them.


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