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Depression Rocks!

"Depression Rocks!" 24"x30" Oil over Found Painting 2011 by Diane DiMassa

I’ve been feeling like I take the same picture. I don’t have a ton of readers of the blog, but I have enough of an audience that I was feeling self conscious about being dull & repeatitive. Further, I had been finding photography to be less satisfying as it started feeling more stilted. So ¬†I did something I don’t normally do and reached out to an artist friend, Diane DiMassa, and asked her for advice.

“Diane – I have been doing a photo a day project for almost a year. Recently, I feel like I’m taking the same photo over and over and over. Do you have any advice for how to break out of a rut?”
  1. Take some pictures purposely with the worst composition you can.
  2. Frame up a shot then turn around and shoot what’s directly opposite.
  3. Shoot something you despise that you would never think of wasting a shot on.
  4. Take a picture of something you’re not supposed to take a picture of.
  5. Scream at your camera
  6. Turn 12 and take 50 pictures of your junk. Do not post.

I found her advice to be both witty, and very helpful. I haven’t spent a sustained period of time trying to be creative before and I found I was getting very mechanical in what I was shooting. I had prided myself on “taking photos of things people would walk by” but that gets boring after the 17th post of a rusted piece of metal.

An additional comment I got that were help was from my friend Liz. ”¬†Sometimes the answer comes when you figure out what it is that is making you to take the “same” photo over and over. The answer is in the problem…” Of course, Tom D. had to chip in, “You should quit. Art is too hard.”

Diane DiMassa is a pretty awesome artist and her website can be found at www.dianedimassa.com.

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