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No Bricks

No. I will not go to work today.
Yes, I will be kind today!
No, I will not let you into my lane today.
Yes, I will be loving and compassionate today!
Silly mind, talking to itself all day: WAKE UP
Everything is perfect just the way it is.
Look carefully, see things how they are… Silly mind.

– Moe219


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radiant buddha sitting buddha

Radiant Buddha, Sitting Buddha
730 days in his hands
Sublime serenity in his heart
Joyful Buddha, Trudging Buddha
Day and night –┬ávigilant
Always seeking good

One, one, one, one, one… one… one… one…


On the occasion of two years

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I believe I’ve posted about this in the past few years, but I love this documentary.

The Zen Mind (Documentary)

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you are the universe

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