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“When he came to Baso he again said, ‘Who is he that is independent of all things?’ Baso said, ‘When you have drunk all the water in the Yang-tze river, I will tell you.’ At this, Koji underwent his great experience.” (Two Zen Classics 263)


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I believe I’ve posted about this in the past few years, but I love this documentary.

The Zen Mind (Documentary)

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Just One MORE

When all thoughts
by Ryokan

When all thoughts
Are exhausted
I slip into the woods
And gather
A pile of shepherd’s purse.

Like the little stream
Making its way
Through the mossy crevices
I, too, quietly
Turn clear and transparent.

— from Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf: Zen Poems of Ryokan, Translated by John Stevens

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not HOT peppers

Who is hearing?
Your physical being doesn’t hear,
Nor does the void.
Then what does?
Strive to find out.
Put aside your rational Intellect,
Give up all techniques.
Just get rid of the notion of self.


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you are the universe

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Even the Fire is Cool

In the midsummer heat, the gate is closed and we’re wearing monk’s robes,
In addition, there are no pines or bamboos shading the rooms and corridors,
For a peaceful meditation, we need not to go to the mountains and streams;
When thoughts are quieted down, fire itself is cool and refreshing.

Ch’an monk Tu Kou-hao 杜苟鶴
These were Zen master Kaisen’s last words prior to being burned alive in his temple by soldiers.

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In a dilapidated three-room hut
I’ve grown old and tired;
This winter cold is the
Worst I’ve ever suffered through.
I sip thin gruel, waiting for the
Freezing night to pass.
Can I last until spring finally arrives?
Unable to beg for rice,
How will I survive the chill?
Even meditation helps no longer;
Nothing left to do but compose poems
In memory of deceased friends.

From Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf: Zen Poems of Ryokan, translated by John Stevens. Published by Shambala in Boston, 1996.

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